Portraying the fighting spirit in mankind, this sculpture is sure to be a talking piece of your home!

Can be purchased individually, or as a set with “Spirit”. See them together and buy as a set called  “The Challenge”.

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I am intrigued with mustangs. They exhibit the horse in all his glorious natural state. Be it for better or worse, they are a study in life uncomplicated by man. There is often a challenge among the stallions. That idea brought me to the thought of the conflict between good and evil, dark and light, weak and strong, wright and wrong. God’s Word says that in the world we are going to have conflict but that God has overcome to world. He will give us the victory.  I decided to make two sculptures; one representing the good and the other representing the bad. I called the attacker, Diablo and the overcomer, Spirit. I designed them as standalone pieces but joining the bases together they form an interactive piece portraying a desperate mustang fight.

Dimensions: 8×7.5×5 in.

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in


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